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MAG 1 Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 SM Motor Oil Review

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Today?s engines are evolving fast as manufacturers are constantly pushing for higher power and lighter viscosities in motor oil products to increase fuel economy. If you need to change the oil in your car and are thinking of switching brands, I am sure you know that there is a plethora of different motor oil options at auto parts stores and supermarkets from which you can choose.

You may not know that there are even more which are not normally stocked at these locations. MAG 1 motor oil is one of these motor oil brands that is little well known but has a positive reputation among the automobile community. MAG 1 motor oil is manufactured by Warren Distribution located in Omaha, Nebraska and is considered their flagship product. MAG 1 is specifically formulated to maintain pace with the demands of today?s engine performance which require lighter viscosities with increased power densities.

MAG 1 lubricants and oils have been chemically formulated so as to deliver the elite level of performance that meets the always increasing demands by automotive manufacturers. See below the major advantages of MAG 1.

What is MAG 1 Full Synthetic motor oil?

Most motor oil is manufactured from crude oil and is mostly used to lubricate, clean, and cool combustion engines. MAG 1 full synthetic motor oil means that no crude oil is used during the manufacturing process. Synthetic oils often provide superior performance, as noticed that at high temperatures engine wear is reduced substantially as well as increased gas mileage.

Since the manufacture of fully synthetic motor oils is complex, these motor oil options are often significantly more expensive than crude-based motor oil. MAG 1 full synthetic motor oil is the only brand with Friction Management for Xtreme protection or FMX