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What’s the Best Way to Get In Car Wi-Fi? Read This!

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Everything is connected to the internet these days ? including smartphones, smart fridges, laptops, televisions and cars. If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, it?s likely that you?re in the kind of career where you need to remain in the loop and connected to the world at all times. A car that acts as a wi-fi hotspot could be an essential for staying in touch.

Forget about pagers, beepers and car phones. Some vehicle models are already equipped with on-board wi-fi ? but if yours is not, then there are options including mobile hotspots and dongles for your car or OBD II port connections that can add this feature to your vehicle.

Installing wi-fi in your car is easy. Just find the right mobile hotspot for your car or OBD II hotspot. Combine this with the best data plans for wi-fi connected cars and you?re guaranteed to be connected on the road.

Using your phone?s mobile hotspot option can be unreliable on the road, and might even be unsafe; more than this, a phone used as a wi-fi hotspot can drain the battery life and shorten the eventual life of the device itself. Using a specialized hotspot for your car can extend the lifespan of your phone.

Here?s your complete guide on the best way to get in car wi-fi, including the best data plans for wi-fi connected cars, the best mobile hotspot devices for vehicle wi-fi and the best OBD II port hotspot devices for your car.

Why does your car need wi-fi?

We?d say why not. But of course, we might be a little biased about that! Here are some solid reasons why it could be useful to install a wi-fi hotspot in your car:

  • Remain Connected: Business and life on the road can mean that you have a need to stay connected to colleagues, friends and loved ones while you travel ? and at the same time, you want to have essential features at your fingertips without having to take your eyes off the road.
  • Remain In-Sync: More than remaining connected with people, it?s also just as important to remain connected to devices. This means connecting your smartphone to your vehicle ? and any other devices (such as screens) that your car might have. This is vital to sync up information between your devices so that you?re always in touch with essential information no matter where you are.
  • Working on the Road: Working on the road can sometimes mean having to type up a report or write a few messages at a rest stop ? but too often, nobody knows the wi-fi password (or wi-fi is unavailable or too pricy to be useful). Having a mobile hotspot in your car can solve this problem: As long as you are within close range of your car, you?ll remain connected.
  • Essential Access: Searching with Google voice commands (?OK Google?), accessing online maps or making VoIP calls are just some things you might need internet for while you?re close to (or actively driving) your car. Connecting your vehicle with a wi-fi hotspot gives you access to essentials without having to distract from what?s most important.
  • Vehicle Tracking: Some vehicle wi-fi hotspot devices also include the additional benefit of vehicle and device tracking. While this might not seem important now, there are many potential emergency situations ? including theft, hijacking, medical emergencies or accidents ? where this additional vehicle tracking feature could be a very literal lifesaver.
  • Superior to Smartphones: Using a smartphone as a hotspot can shorten the lifespan of the phone and drain the battery life; it?s also known for being prone to signal loss ? and it?s risky to keep a phone in a vehicle just for this purpose. Using a mobile hotspot specifically designed for your car removes all of the potential issues that comes with having to use your phone.

Convinced that wi-fi is the best possible option for your car yet?